Returns the difference between addr1 and addr2


MPI_Aint MPI_Aint_diff(MPI_Aint addr1, MPI_Aint addr2)

Input Parameters

minuend address (integer)
subtrahend address (integer)

Return value

Difference between addr1 and addr2


MPI_Aint_diff produces a new MPI_Aint value that is equivalent to the difference between addr1 and addr2 arguments, where addr1 and addr2 represent addresses returned by calls to MPI_GET_ADDRESS. The resulting address is valid only at the process that generated addr1 and addr2, and addr1 and addr2 must correspond to locations in the same object in the same process. The difference is calculated in a manner that results the signed difference from addr1 to addr2, as if the process that originally produced the addresses had called (char *) addr1 - (char *) addr2 on the addresses initially passed to MPI_GET_ADDRESS.

See Also MPI_Aint_add