User’s Guides

MPICH Installers’ Guide is a guide to help with the installation process of MPICH. Both Unix and Windows installation procedures are outlines.

MPICH Users’ Guide provides instructions to use MPICH. This manual explains how to run MPI applications after MPICH is installed and working correctly.

MPICH README is a basic README for MPICH beginners. It contains the simplest set of instructions to get started with MPICH.

What’s New in MPICH-3.1

MPICH CHANGES lists the changes included in each release of MPICH.

MPICH RELEASE NOTES lists the known problems in each release of MPICH.


Advanced Parallel Programming with MPI: Slides of MPI Tutorial at ISC’13.

Advanced MPI: Slides of MPI Tutorial at ICS’13.

Tutorials: Tutorial material on MPI available on the Web.


Publications: Publications on MPI.


MPICH Wiki: MPICH wiki hosts most of our developer documentation.

Developer Documentation: MPICH developer documentation.

Support: You can get more support from this page.

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