MPICH is a high performance and widely portable implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard.

MPICH and its derivatives form the most widely used implementations of MPI in the world. They are used exclusively on nine of the top 10 supercomputers (June 2016 ranking), including the world’s fastest supercomputer: Taihu Light.

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A new stable release of MPICH, 4.2.2, is now available for download. This is the second bug-fix release in the ...

Learn about MPICH

The documentation page provides documents for installing MPICH, how to get started with MPI, and how to run MPI applications. It also includes tutorials, publications and other documents for developers.


The support page provides help for MPICH users and developers. There are links to frequently asked questions, support mailing lists and a trac system to report new bugs.

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