MPICH 4.2.2 released

A new stable release of MPICH, 4.2.2, is now available for download. This is the second bug-fix release in the 4.2.x series. This release addresses a number of user-reported crashes and build issues. It can be found on our downloads page. For the full set of commits see…v4.2.2/
                         Changes in 4.2.2

# Update embedded libfabric to v1.20.1 and fix compilation with GCC 14.

# Fix dataloop support for MPIX_Type_iov routines

# Fix crash in Hydra when system has many local ip addresses

# Fix RMA fallback check in ch4:ofi netmod

# Fix MPI_UNDEFINED handling in mpi_f08 module

# Fix Slurm environment variable inheritance in Hydra

# Fix multiple issues with large count support in ROMIO

# Fix potential hang in init using PMIx client and nonstandard keys

# Fix crash if PMIx client cannot get appnum from server during init

# Fix other build errors and warnings
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